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Re-enacting Ancient Times Society

Making History Fun and available to everyone

This is what we do to have fun

Re-enacting Ancient Times Society or R.A.T.S. for short, is a multi-period historical re-enactment society.

We greatly enjoy the many varied parts of history that we re-enact, taking part in both battle re-creations and Living History set ups to be able to tell the story of the time and share this with people who come to see us.

We all share a love of history and the desire to find out more by dressing in historically accurate clothes and using recreations of authentic tools, weapons and other items to experience for ourselves what life was like in ancient times.

You will find us at shows and events sharing our passion for the past with members of the public, at schools bringing history to life for the students, visiting historic sites to expand our own knowledge and getting together for Combat practice and Craft sessions, but all the time being able to enjoy the activities and to have fun as well.

If you would like us to attend your 'special event' we would be pleased to discuss any arrangements with you. You can do this easily through our 'Contact Us' page by clicking on the link using the link below.