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Re-enacting Ancient Times Society

Making History Fun and available to everyone


The Re-enacting Ancient Times Society, or R.A.T.S. for short, was formed by experienced historical re-enactors in 2010 who have continued to expand and hone their re-enacting activities and outlook by not sticking to a restrictive, singular timeline and but embrace the idea and appreciation for the completely new opportunities to learn, understand and to re-create other fascinating parts of our history.


The creative freedom to be able to take part in different shows and events at diverse venues up and down the country means that we can appeal to many Event and Show organisers across several times lines. Although this means learning many skills and large quantities of historical knowledge we are then properly prepared to inform, entertain and educate our audiences whilst still being able to enjoy what is ‘our hobby’.


The Founding Members settled on the name R.A.T.S. then set about choosing the designing for our Society’s main logo which explains the prominence of 'friendly little rat’ figure at its centre.


The Society formally came into being on 1st September 2010, with the Founding Members formulating a practical and acceptable Society Constitution and taking out the necessary insurance for the Society to be able to operate properly.


R.A.T.S. is made up of separate sub-divisions under the main banner of the Re-enacting Ancient Times Society. Each of the sub-divisions (see the picture above) corresponds to a separate timeline that we portray.


As a Society we have a strong ethos for authenticity, is based upon good and robust research and positive discussion based upon the facts. Also, we want new people joining us to feel that they are part of something worthwhile and that they are positively contributing to the Society’s portrayals and re-creations.


Currently, we are taking part in a lot of World War 2 oriented shows and events and this has benefited us by increasing our membership and interest to others.

Our members work regularly with our friends in our 'associate society' called Crusade Re-enactment. Like us they are a multi-period society. This allows our respective organisations the opportunities to attend some of the country's leading shows and events and in some numbers for larger recreations and presentations to be made.

We appreciate that not everyone is comfortable with wearing period costume and uniforms to portray people and events from history , although it does add to the authenticity of what we are doing. So our Society also organises trips to sites of historical interest and other social activities based around our Society goals and activities. Above is a picture that was taken during one such visit.

For those we see as kindred spirits that have hobbies such as historical architecture, period cooking and recipes, historical costume and dressmaking, photography and many other similar historical connections or for those who just love history, we would like to suggest to you that this could be the Society for you. We would be most happy to talk to you further and even for you to ask about details to join us.

If you would like to know some more about us or if you would like ask about joining us and taking part in the wide ranging activities that we do, then please to the contact page for details of how to get a message to us.

If you would like us to attend your 'special event', we would be pleased to discuss any arrangements with you. Contact us soon to avoid disappointment.